No DMA stuck in PIO mode. LG GSA-4084


I have a dell Latitude d630 that I recovered from a friend. have to replace a few missing parts including the Cd Drive. I brought a Drive (LG Gsa-4084n). The problem I’m having is it reads to slow to play a DVD. I haven’t even tried to burn a disc yet.

Here are my specs:

Dell latitude D630 laptop
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00 Ghz
2GB Ram
O/S: Vista 32bit SP2
DVD-Ram Drive: LG Gsa-4084n

The Problem (i think) is the DMA on the IDE Channel for the DVD Drive is stuck in PIO mode 4. I have tried the Check the “Enable DMA” Check Box, but it doesn’t stay check after i click ok. (note:The Hard Drive is running in UDMA.) Drive is in PIO mode as soon as Windows starts. Ive google’d and found several possible solutions but to no avail, Most of them on this site. It also maybe be the atapi.sys. I’ve read that vista has bugs in this so it downloaded SP2 also.

Here is a list of things I have tried:
-My Bios has only a setting for ATA to AHCI (neither setting changes problem)
-Tried uninstalling controller and rebooting (no change)
-Tried Entering Registry key (ENABLEDMA66= value 1)
-I cant clear the upper or lower limits ( there is no such value in the registry)
-tried tools to reset DMA (message received no drives to reset)
-Firmware updates (only found one at under “Beta”
-Updated Intel chipset drivers and controller drivers.
-updated to vista SP2
(Ive tried so much stuff now this is all i can remember)

Nero disc speed tool says drive is reading at 1.15x

Please if anyone can tell me what im doing wrong or something i haven’t tried. I definitely need experienced help. Some of the things above i may have performed incorrectly, so please feel free to ask if there is more detail needed. Thanks in advance.

I think you have a WRONG drive for this Lappy.
You need a slimtype drive with DELL firmware.

Its a dell drive? it is a Dell LBL P/N: 7w036-a01

I assumed Dell in a Dell would work.

Obviously its not the case, otherwise it would work in DMA mode…