No Divx Menu?

I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I love my LiteOn DD-A300GX except for one thing. When playing back Divx discs I produced on my computer, there is no playback menu. The “navigation” button on the remote doesn’t help. All my other DVD players come up with a menu when a disk is inserted.

Am I doing something wrong? All I can do is play the Divx items sequentially. That doesn’t seem right.

Thanks for you help, Gordoncanada

Its the same with my A500GX model mate, that’s the only problem I have with it, granted not a major problem like.

I stick my divx disc in and it gives me 3 options ‘‘video’’, ‘‘music’’ and picture I think can’t remember.

So no your not doing anything wrong at all, there just like that with Divx discs I’m afraid.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Not having a Divx menu is major for me, because I have a lot of Divx discs with lots of t.v. episodes on them. I guess I should just use my computer for a recorder and get a Divx DVD player that provides a menu when a Divx disc is inserted. Oh well.
Does LiteOn have a model that does generate a Divx menu when a Divx disk is inserted?

Thanks again, gordoncanada

The reason its no bother to me is on some of my divx disc’s my sound it out of sync and I only got a new DVD Recorder the other day (static noise thread) which was faulty so had to take it back and change it, I still have sync problems with this one but don’t wanna risk a firmwire upgrade incase I damage it.

Anyway as far as LiteOn having other models with menu’s I’m not sure hopefully someone else does. But yes havin a Divx menu can be important, if I could play mine without sync problem I would be in your boat.

I wish I could help more mate, but I’ve only had a DVD Recorder for a week now. Good luck with it.

I upgraded the firmware with no problem. Still no menu, though.
I had no problems playing back divx discs. Is the sound out of sync when you play the discs on your computer?

I never checked to be honest, I will most likely Wednesday though. If its in-sync I may download a firmware update. I know how to do them just stick the file on a disc and slap in DVD Recorder, I think that’s right,lol.

I read somewhere on here that’s what you do and sounds right.

I’ve noticed on one post on the forum someone upgraded the firmware on there A500GX Model and it stopped playing his recording’s in the PC DVD Drive. Still not sure yet, its not a major deal but would be a quicker transfer then converting all my files to VOB, but I can at least stick a menu on them unlike the the Divx discs where Lite-On don’t provide a menu feature, which is a shame.