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Hi everyone,

I am trying the demo versions of clonedvd and anydvd. Every film I have tried to back up has resulted in an unrecognisable disk. When I go through the process clonedvd says it is successful but when I then try to open the disk I just get a please insert disk message. My dvd player just goes into a loading cycle that it will not come out of until I eject the disk.
The films I have tried are, The Incredibles, Electra, Starsky & Hutch and Constantine.
Can anyone help


@ kjh,

Please visit SlySoft ( and download the latest versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD. Your original posting in this thread does not provide information as to exactly what versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD that you are currently using.

Also could you provide the Manufacture Name/Model Number/Firmware Version of you DVD Burner? To acquire this information use a software utility similar to DVDInfo Pro (

Also please provide the Manufacture ID and Media Code (Example- RitekG05) of the blank DVD Media that you are using. You can obtain the Manufacture ID and Media Code of your blank DVD Media by using DVDInfo Pro ( or similar software utility.

Perchance do you have a DVD software-playing program similar to PowerDVD on you computer that can play DVDs. If so what happens when you attempt to play your backed up copy on your computer.

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Hello bjkg

I downloaded all the latest versions, tried Electra again and the finished disk still comes up as a no disk, when Clonedvd finishes it says it is successful
The drive is a Sony DVD RW DW-D22A (Rev BYS2)
The disk is CMC MAG EO1, and is a DVD+R, tesco branded.
I tried the disk on WINDVD4, media player, realplayer and none of them detected a disk, neither would my Samsung DVD player

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Sounds like it is most likely a media problem. Personally I wouldnt touch CMC media with a ten foot pole.


@ kjh,

I believe you current problem is related to your Sony DVD RW DW-D22A out of date firmware and/or your choice of blank DVD Media. If you update your firmware and acquire good quality reliable blank DVD Media I believe your current problem will be corrected.

Sony doesn’t actually manufacture DVD Burner your Sony DVD RW DW-D22A is actually manufacture by Lite-On and is a Lite-On OEM SOHW-1633S DVD Burner. Lite-On firmware is more current and better performing DVD Firmware that the Sony Firmware.

Your current BYS2 firmware is old firmware and there is newer firmware available. Suggest visiting the CD Freaks LiteOn DVD Burner / Sony DVD Burner Forum ( and obtain information there on how to update your current Sony DVD RW DW-D22A to the latest available Lite-On SOHW-1633S firmware. Suggest viewing the “Read First” postings in the beginning of the LiteOn DVD Burner / Sony DVD Burner Forum.

Also your current DVD Media is not exactly the best DVD Media you could choose. CMC MAG DVD Media has proved to be problematic and causes various read/write error problems. Suggest viewing the CD Freaks Blank Media Forum ( for information on acquiring good quality reliable blank DVD Media. Yaiyo Yuden DVD Media in many circles is consider to be good quality reliable DVD Media. Rima Com ( is considered to be a good source of Yaiyo Yuden DVD Media.

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Hello bjkg,

Thanks, will try your suggestions,




Hello bjkg,

Updated the firmware, and one disk worked and the next one didnt. As regards better media Verbatim seem to be well liked. Does it matter if you use +R or -R disks on the Sony/Lite-on drives, or does one tend to work better than the other.
Your opinion would be appreciated



Historically I think this make drives have preferred +R media but I don’t know if this still holds true.


Hi TimC




@ kjh

Saying you are using Verbatim media does not fully describe the actual DVD Media you are using. Most DVD Media Retailers do not actually manufacture the DVD media that they market but purchase the DVD Media from a DVD Media manufactures and place in their Brand Name Boxes. Some times the Name Brand Retailers market reliable DVD Media sometimes they don’t. To accurately describe your DVD media you need to provide the Manufacture ID and Media Code (Example- RitekG05). You can obtain the Manufacture ID and Media Code by using DVDInfo Pro ( or similar software utility. Request that you provide the actual Manufacture ID and Media Code of the DVD media you are experiencing your current problem with.

As stated by Forum Member TimC Lite-On DVD Burners perform better using DVD+ (Plus) DVD media.

A little help in deciding which DVD media to use.

Suggest visiting the Lite-On DVD Burner Forum ( and see which DVD Media other Forum members have reported that work for them.

Suggest visiting the CD Freaks Media Forum ( and see which DVD Media other Forum members have reported as good reliable DVD media.

Suggest visiting the Video Help DVD Media List ( and see what other users have reported about particular DVD Media.

Concerning the quality of DVD media. The saying “You Only Get What You Pay For” fully applies to DVD media. If the price is cheap the quality is also probably cheap. Remember most dropouts, freezing, skipping and other related problems can be traced to cheap, inferior, substandard DVD media.

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Check your owners manual for your stand alone DVD player as to what media it is compatible with, it may play DVD- but not DVD+, many of the the newer players will play both, as well as DVD R\W.

I agree with iss, CMC media is crap you should avoid. Verbatim is good media.
Find a media your burner and stand alone like and stick with it, and always use quality media, it will be cheaper in the long run.


Hello Everybody,

Bought some Verbatim Disks, code MCC 003, and these have worked fine (at least the first one). However these were £8 for 5 from PC World. How do you find the code for a blank DVD without buying them and testing them.
Thanks for all the useful suggestions and help




Please never, ever go near PC World again!! When I lived in the UK I got all meadia from

I have a sony drive a 710-UL and got hold of some Datasafe +R which I was told were MCC media - to my horror I tested them an they were CMC MAG E01 - done a test burn and got great results - and play great in my PS2 and stand alone Sony DVD player. Maybe the Datasafe ones have better QC than the Tesco ones!!

Also if you pop down to your local Lidl they have DVD + and - R which are Ritek GO4 - which again seem to work for me (especially when they have a sale on!!)

See above link post #55 for my CMC MAG E01 scan.