No disk

I have burn several dvds with nero express. The last days I do the usuall steps but the message “Please insert an empty medium” appears when I press BURN. In the beginning I thought that the empty dvd was damaged but unfortunately it does the same with all empty dvds I tried.
Please help.

have you switched to different media lately?

Do you have AnyDVD on for that drive?

What exactly must I do? Please help as I am new on this.
Thank you.

do you have the correct drive selected?

Did you buy the right media?? Some drives will only burn +r’s and some will burn both. I had the same problem when I got started…

If it reads a normal disc but doesn’t identify a blank DVD then I would say you have a media problem. What model of burner are you using and what brand and type of media?? Use nero infotools and see if it sees the disc. If it does, reinstall