"No Disk" LVW-5001, any ideas?

I am getting a “No disk” msg with any disk, including DVD+RW/R, CD-R, Audio CD, Commericial DVD, DVD-R…

The system boots, I can go into Setup, change things, and tried restoring “Default” in setup.

Have had the LVW-5001 for over a year. Recorded many things fine. Even learned to take those to my PC for more editing using TMPgenc DVD author.

Using Firmware/software 0101-0143-1163-F2SC (110-0109)

Cannot redo the firmware since no disks are recognized at all.

This happened while I was erasing a DVD+RW that I had used previously. It took a long time to erase, got to about 25% or so and stopped with an error (can’t recall the error now). Ever since, no disk works.

Please help. Thanks much in advance.

first try a DVD cleaning disc see i it will read and work