"No Disk/Insert Dvd/Cd-Rom" Errors and why

Before I start asking my questions I just want everyone to know I’m not doing what I’m about to discuss to purposely do something illegal, but just for the sake of understanding and gain of experience.

I had downloaded a game from a torrent. A .iso image of the game which I’ve burned to a blank dvd and installed. When I go to play the game I get an error saying “No disk, Please Insert” something along those lines. I’m not wondering on how to correct this, as it came with a file called “game.dat” which appears to be some form of cracked or modified file that allows you to bypass this. I’m just curious as to why this error comes up even though the .iso file has been burned to a disk, which is inserted into my disk drive. It just seems illogical that its asking for a disk when there is one in the tray and its reading it. Does anyone know what causes this issue? I’m also wondering on what changes have been made to the “game.dat” file, that allows this error to be either ignored or somehow corrected. I’ve read somewhere that its something to do with the fact that its not an “original” disk, I’m not really quite sure though. There’s these sites that seem to offer these type of files for a wide gallery of various games. If any one knows what might be going on under the hood here, I’d really like to know. I really could care less about actually playing the game, the process itself is fascinating enough. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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