No disk in drive ( HELP )

I got problem when i try to burn with a program it cant read my blank DVD-R disc but it can read real DVD. when i try to burn with Imgburn,Dvdfab,Dvd shrink with DVD drecypter,DVDClone 2…i put the blank DVD with my program and then when it finished saving my movie then it ask to put a DVD-R,+R then i put it but after a while it eject my disk and say it doesnt have a burnable disk what can i do so it work and can read my blank DVD

Its weird cause i use to burn DVD’s with my drive but also what weird is it CAN read Real DVD’s and burned DVD’s

Help please:bow::sad::sad::sad:[/B]

@ Syberpro,

Using a software utility program similar to DVDInfo ( provide the Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: TYG02) of the blank Media you are attempting to use.

Have you ensured that your undisclosed DVD Burner has the newest most current up to date available Firmware installed?

Also provide an ImgBurn log of a failed Burning attempt.

Also suggest reviewing the CD Freaks Rules ( and note the comments concerning Double Posting.


Can or Can’t …?

so you trying to say to me to update my driver or install a special program?

also sorry about the double post

it can read real dvd and alredy burned dvd but cant for blank dvd

[QUOTE=Syberpro;2223546]it can read real dvd and alredy burned dvd but cant for blank dvd[/QUOTE]

NO DRIVE can “read” blank media.
Start imgburn, insert a blank media and check the info…

yea but its say again please insert a DVD it doesnt work even If i try to put a blank dvd it does not “dectect” that i put a blank dvd.that my main problem

Then disable virtual drive software and alcohol…

how can i do that please can you tell me the steps