No Disc with Windows Home Edition

My daughter bought a computor with Windows XP Home already installed, but did not recieve a windows disc, and unfortunatly she has deleted something which is causing Windows to act funny There is no Internet Explorer! and we cant load a new version from a disc as it says it is already installed.
How can we repair windows without a disc , Is Windows stored on the hard drive somewhere IF so where and how do we find the licence Key and and can we reinstall from that location.
Or would it be possible to upgrade to windows XP Pro

Hope you can Help

You can upgrade but will need a disc.
Have you tried “system restore” to a point where IE was still installed?
You could always try a different browser such as Firefox, opera in the meantime.

I have Disc for XP pro, would it cause any problems to upgrade,dont want 2 operating systems and would all existing settings remain same etc.
Tried System restore but still cannot get IE6 back, I use Firefox, but do we still need to update Explorer for threats etc allthough we are not using it, My Machine and hers Both have Norton Internet Security.

You won’t need to update IE if you’re not using it

Was it new or second hand PC? If new go to the shop where you bought it and ask for a windows disc, they will eoither give you a recovery disc or a full one.

Got a disc did recovery still the same!!!

Now sorted 12 Viruses 500 spyware, she had turned off firewall and antivirus,
never ran any spyware removers never updated any definitions,taken me
2days at Computor shop prices say £5 an hour(not going to charge her)
Just goes to show the cost of not doing regular updates etc
Managed to clear all now up and running again

Thank you all for your input

I would go to the Mozilla site and get Firefox. Also you might get the SP disc from Microsoft through their website. If you haven’t installed it yet it might replace IE. Deleting IE by mistake can be an impossible fix.

Is there not a partition on the hard drive that has a copy/image of windows that you can access someway to reinstall/repair windows ?

My understanding, from others problems with IE, is that it is an integral part of Windows and is not designed to be removed and reinstalled. Look here and see if Microsoft can help:

Windows installs an i386 folder under the Windows folder. Find and run Winnt32.exe. You will need the original product key but there is some software that gives that to you from the present installation. I think Belarc may give that info to you.

if u want to overrite that windows xp home wit xp pro all u do is do the windows xp setup and when u see the ms dos blue screen of windows u do install fresh copy and then it will show u ur partitions and then u click overwite on the harddrive that has the windows installed on it contact me if u need 2


…good to export this value just in case too, IMO and save to CD or floppy