No Disc Inserted

Hello guys,

I know that I could bother you with more serious problems but I really would love to use some programs that unfortunately need their CD to work, without the CD, so that I can use the Cd-Rom for other jobs always at the same time and not close-open, close-open, close-open, close-open … those programs.

Does anybody knows about this topic?
Is there any small programs that I can use for any or most programs??
Or I have to find a special crack for every specific program???

Thank you very much


You can image your cds and use a program such as Daemon tools to mount them.
This works very well, but requires vast amounts of space on your hard drive(s). It’s my chosen method, but then again I have a phalanx of hard drives buzzing away on my desk.

If that won’t do, then I’m afraid you need to crack every single program you’re interested to run without its CD. Or get another drive, which I’m guessing you don’t want to do.

Oh … thank you for answering!!!

Daemon you say. For every CD how much space does it take? Only the space of the CD itself or more??? And where actually could I find this program if I don’t ask too much.
In the end aren’t much the CDs I would like to set into my PC so I wouldn’t have to buy another desk for all the impossible HDs I would have … :))

You are very nice for helping me. Thank you again


For some reason I can’t get the ‘insert hyperlink’ to work.

I just typed ‘daemon download’ into Google and the first option was a link directly to the download page. Try it…