No disc in drive

Just burnt an MP3cd on newly installed LDW451s Liteon DVD (master on secondary ide) using nero 6. When I tried to play it on same, Media player just says “no disc in drive” But cd plays fine on my Benq dvd rom installed as slave on secondary ide. The Liteon will play "prerecorded " dvds and audio cds,but not any that I have recorded. Probably obvious fault to you all, but not to me!
Any help appreciated.

Hi there and be welcome!

It is a known fact that some DVD readers are very poor readers. AFAIK, this LiteOn drive is not one of them. However, it can still be that the drive has problems with certain media or so. Are the discs you used all of the same brand/type?
I assume the drive works furthermore correctly… right?

A good start might be to try to update the firmware of the device. Firmwares (internal software of the drive) can resolve numerous problems. Go check the CD Freaks firmware section or this website for firmware updates and see what it does.

And euh… please report back :slight_smile:

Good luck!

thanks for the reply, I have tried Philips and Maxell media,
the drive was only made in December 03, so I guess the firmware is pretty up to date. will keep trying, and post any results.

Have managed to get my LDW-4515 to play a disc recorded on it by swapping it from master to slave on the secondary IDE. Now
seems to be behaving itself!

That could have been caused by a slightly faulty IDE cable. These drives also like 80 wire IDE cables.