No disc in drive



Hi all :slight_smile: my first post, aren’t we all excited :stuck_out_tongue: LOL ok now to more serious note…

When I put my disc into my DVD RW drive ( name of drive is ATAPI DVD A DHAS ATA DRIVE) if that helps… I always get a " no disc in drive error" Whether it is a burned cd or commercialized, a dvd or a pc game, every response is the same.

I have been to device manager but it says the device is working correctly.

I have been to update the drivers in the device as well and it told me that the drivers are all up to date as well.

I was suggested to use a program called Clean Handlers and again it found nothing.

I have Windows Vista Home Premium, my computer is an Acer Aspire M3100

Your help is greatly appreciated and I thank you


I am sure your DVD writer has a manufacturer name and a model number. What you gave is not it.
In any case.
How old is your machine?
Did you install drive by yourself or it is original installation?
When you open Device Manager, is there any sign beside your drive, like a yellow triangle or other?

It really sound like a bad (defective) drive.