No disc in drive problem

I’m having a problem with my dvd burner. It no longer sees the blank disc in the drive. I have 2 burning software programs, Nero and Record Now. Both have worked fine in the past and I don’t think the problem lies with either of them. The drive does not see the disc unless I reboot the system at least a few times and sometimes that does not work. The only changes I can think of that I made to my system is that I installed VCDEasy. Removed it and also removed Nero and then reinstalled my Nero 6. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m using Windows XP. Thanks!!

Here is an update to my problem. I reinstalled my burning software to see if that was the problem. Didn’t help. However, I did discover that my burner will recognize discs, but only certain discs. When putting in a blank to burn, it will only see the Fuji Japanese discs. It does not see the TY silver top or my TDK discs. It also had no problem with my TDK DVD discs. This seems really strange, especially since my burner never had a problem with any brand before. Anyone ever have this happen or know of a solution besides buying a new burner?

I got problem when i try to burn with a programe it cant read my blank DVD-R disc but it can read real dvd when i want to burn with Imgburn,Dvdfab,Dvd shrink with DVD drecypter,DVDClone 2… it does not show like if i did insert any blank DVD-R but i did.

I use to burn but now suddenly it doesnt work


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