No disc error

Totally new to this website so I wasn’t sure where to put this query - so apologise if it’s in the wrong place… having problems after burning dvds with nero, that when i play them with powerdvd it comes up as no disc in e:. It plays the original dvd but wont play the copied one - I have had the computer for a year now and have been doing everything exactly the same and :doh: only recently has it been coming up with this error - any ideas on why this could be happening?

This is the right place. :slight_smile:

You could you supply a little more info? For instance, which burner do you use, which formware does it have, which media do you burn, what kind of drive do you use for playback, what do you copy, etc.

Thanks for replying… not totally sure what u asked for (a bit new to this)
i’ve got a sony vaio laptop, i use dvd shrink and nero to burn the dvds, i use bulkpaq dvd+r (rw) dvds and i playback with powerdvd pro 6 v2.55 - what i don’t understand is that it has been working all the timw only recently am I having these problems with the dvds.
Hope that is of help

What is the dvd you are copying? Are you using +R media, or +RW?

copying a film dvd onto dvd +r


I’m guessing that by a film DVD, you mean a pressed dvd movie.

dvd i bought in the shop?

You don’t really give much information on your problem, but for starters, bulkpack are crap media. At least try some average grade media. Also, copy protection varies from movie to movie, and your version of DVDSHRINK may not be able to handle a particular movie. Start by giving us more information on the actual problem, and try some better media.

doesn’t the problem lie somehwere else perhaps… i’ve copied say 100odd dvds doing exactly the same as i’ve done before… used dvdshrink and nero to burn the dvds - now they play fine in a normal dvd player but when i play them on my laptop dvd it doesn’t recognise that the dvd and on powerdvd a message comes up as no disc.
what other information should i supply?


Two things that I would like to know at the moment are:

  • What is the MID (a.k.a. mediacode) of the Bulkpack media you’re using? For starters, the MID is a code which identifies in which factory your recordable or rewritable media where made (Bulkpack doesn’t produce their own DVDs, but get them from certain factories). This is a good indication of the quality of your media. Lower quality usually means that the media will give problems with certain DVD-drives.
    The MID can be found with Nero CD-DVD Speed (make sure you grab the latest version from, it’s freeware) or DVD Identifier (which can be found on and which is also freeware).

  • What sort of burner are you using (5,25 inch drive, laptop drive, external drive, etc.), what brand is it (NEC, Liteon, BenQ, etc.) and what type is it (NEC 3520 or NEC 3540, BenQ 1620 or 1640, etc.,etc.)?

I ran dvd identifier:
Manufacturer id : ISo1
media type 001

i’m using the dvd rewriter on my laptop which is a Sony VAIO PCG K215B
if that is any help


IS01001 is very cheap media, I’m surprised that your laptop’s drive is your only drive that has problems with them. I’m quite sure that better media will solve your problem.

any ideas why that it has been working for the last say 100 dvds and now it all of a sudden won’t work?
what brands are ‘good’ media?


I’m not sure, perhaps the problem is that this one disc is bad. Could also the performance of that particular drive is descreasing. But my bet is on the media.

It’s difficult to say what is a good brand for media, since the brandname usually isn’t a very good indication of the quality (the MID is). I myself almost only burn Verbatim (MID: “MCC…”) at the moment, but these of course cost a bit more than you Bulkpaqs (but they are great). If you want fairly good media for a good price you should look for discs with MID “RICOH…” or “RITEK…”. These are sold by Ricoh and Ritek themselves, but are also available from other brands, like BestMedia Platinum, Traxdata and many more. Have a look at this database for more information.

When trying new media I would advice to only purchase a few discs. Only buy more if you really like them.

on about the poor media… how come the dvds play on my playstation and normal sony dvd player but won’t play on the dvd player on my laptop… isn’t the problem with my laptop somehwere?

also something i don’t quite understand… how come i can burn onto the dvd like normal and it is recognised but as soon as i burn the dvd, it does not recognise it - could there be a problem with the burning with nero (although it still works on normal dvd players)?


When the disc is not burned yet, the drive looks at the first bytes to identify what it is and how it must be burned. These bytes where put in the disc by the manufacturer and are readable in almost every burner/drive.

However, after you have burned the disc the drive recognices this and will look for the table of contents which is burned on the disc. If the burn isn’t that good, this TOC will be difficult to read for some drives. In those cases the disc will not be recognised by the drive.

Because of this, the disc is readable (identifiable) before the burn, but can be unreadable after the burn.