No Disc Error Help Required!

“No Disc” Error Help Required!

I’m new and desperate here. Don’t know if I have done everything correctly but hope it works!
I’m from Singapore and I owned a Philips DVDR610-00 for more than 1.5 years. There were little bit of bugs here and there but the equipment is still considered good in my opinion until now.

I was doing recording and instead of indicating “Disc Update” as it does most of the time, it indicated “Post Format” and my recording cannot be completed.
I tried to delete the disc’s content by doing “preference => disc => delete all” and subsquently I got a hang on my equipment.
I switched off the equipment then turned it on and after that, I have a “No Disc” error for all DVD+RW (Verbatim 4.76GB 4 X 120 min type) that I put in, even those which I have previously recorded and viewed before.
The equipment is still able to view other VCDs though but my main usage is on TV recording.

Please advise what I can do and what are the possible problem.

Greatly appreciated!
New & Desparate

New & Desparate,
I’m no help here except to tell you to wait a few days for others to read and post an answer.

Sure will and hope all the experts over here can provide a solution

New & Desparate

I’m a little disappointed that there wasn’t anyone responding to my question. Is this model uncommon or everybody else not active in this website?

New & Desparate

hi Ivansng
I am not able to assist you very much, but I have just purchased a Philips 3380. It seems that most Philips models are ‘buggy’ and people just live with put up with these little quirks - as long as they can record 8/10 times.
I am annoyed that when these players lock up - which my old dvdr 70 did occasionally - there is no soft power down routine.
I am sure that switching these locked units off at the mains, does affect their ability to work properly, and I also think that over time - a few of these hard resets cause problems with the logic circuitry if not the laser assembly.
I would like to see a soft power off option - i.e holding the power button in for ten seconds say - and the unit will soft off.
I am no longer going to purchase Philips equipment - having a buggy dvdr 70 for 4 years, and a 3380 that has failed after one day!!!.
It was shipped with out of date firmware - so it would’nt recognise my philips dvd+rw media. I downloaded the firmware and upgraded the player.
I got one recording on the saturday - great!! put another new philips disk in and it hang on “Update” display , so only way out of this (and believe me I waited 2 hours for the vain hope in it unlocking!) was to power off at mains.
since this - I have No Disc, Blank disc, Disk Error or not compatible messages for either Philips or Maxwell brand new 1 - 4 x dvd+rw media.
I am disgusted that after one day - my recorder is useless , and have to question why a) Philips ship buggy machines whose MTBF is low b) why they don’t test their models using their own media! c) what kind of QA work is done d) why their is no soft power down options on any of their machines and e) why they expect us to continue to purchase the products.
I am now going to purchase a recorder from people who know electronics best - the Japanese. After all - we have this technology know for around 5 years - surely enough time to get it right Philips!
I will never tocuh a Philips product ever again.
I hope you get your problem resolved as soon as possible, either via firmware or a replacement under warranty.