No directions with nero 7

I got an internal dvd burner with Nero 7 but it doesn’t come with directions .I had to put it in my old dell upright computer cause it wouldnt go into this one that lays flat on the desk.Trouble is this is the one hooked to the internet ,not the one with the burner in it .I burned several dvds that I downloaded off the net but my dvd player says unknown disc and on one it just says loading but never does.My freind who just moved out of town burned me a few last year and they work great but now that I try it on my burner it wont work …Is there a way to get the directions ? A few minutes ago I had the nero disc in the other cp and it said the download was on the net and would ask for the serial number .I had an older cd burner and this dvd burner ,and I bouhgt them both ( legal) so I should have serial numbers in the cp.
Any one got an easy way to fix the problem of no instructions ?


Nero user manuals are posted on their site in .pdf for download and print - they have never included a printed manual in their software boxes to my knowledge-eh

My Nero 7 has the user’s manual right on the disc.

Thanks folks ,I just see a manual telling me how to hook up my internal burner on the disc.Anyway I’m off to nero to get the instructions
Thanks eh!