No digital audio out on SPDIF



Hello, I’m using AHEAD NERO BURNING ROM V6.6.0.3.ULTRA and Plextor PX-708A on WinXP_SP2.
Everything is working ok. I recorded a flute-home-concert and read it in to the harddisk as wav.
Now I try to burn it on Audio-CD. If I am using the analog-out of my player pioneer DV-444, the sound is ok.
But if I use the digital-SPDIF-out connected to my yamaha-amp I cannot hear anything.

The digital-copy-disable-bit in the nero-list is enabled (not set).

What is going wrong?


Nobody any idea?


I don’t know if you and I had exactly the same problem, but I had a disc whose soundtrack was in mpeg 2 and my Pioneer 563a wouldn’t send the signal through the digital hookup until I went into the Pio’s menu and selected the option that allowed mpeg to to be sent digitally. It’s worked ever since.

Hope that helps.