No digital audio ouput for the 111D?

i was looking for a digital audio out on the back of my pioneer 111D to connect to my computer for 5.1 or THX sound but i could not find one. Does anyone know if there should be one? if not, is there anyway around this like an adaptor of some sort of modification that i can do? thanks

Doesn’t your soundcard offers 5.1 out?

There isn’t a digital out on mine either. Both the digital and the analog outputs on the back of optical drives used to be used to connect directly to your sound card (for Audio CD playback), and I think this doesn’t work like this any more. You should get a 5.1 or whatever sound through your sound card, without any extra connections. If you were referring to something else then you could make a more detailed description of what you’re trying to achieve, but there’s definitely no digital out on the Pio 111D.