No difference with firmware 1.08 on Plextor PX708A

As I read in the Plextor web site what is changed with the last firmware 1.08 on the Plextor PX708A is that it will be able to read DVD+R DL by then. My problem is that neither in PlexTools v2.17 nor in Nero Info Tool nor in DVD Info Pro the feature is supported. I haven’t tried any media to test my drive’s capabilities with DVD+R DL. Could you help me? Thank you in advance. :confused:

Decided not to go away ??
Re: Dear Portmac

OK. Everything you said is respected. I don’t know what happens abroad but here in Greece every home has copied software/games etc. that they do not own and I very rarely do such things. I think I have the least CDs compared to my friends. But OK I think as you said this issue has to be closed. Good bye. I will never come to your forum again. If you want do not let me come to it again. And I doubt that the companies watch your site. If they had ever watched it they would have closed it from working for the information you give to people. BYE BYE.

GeorgeDim, Greece

ummm…is there a post missing…I’m lost

no i was just reading the above quote awhile back and saw that George posted again…just giving him some s$$t…not trying to start nuttin’. Just glad to see he’s behaving himself…

Finally I decided to stay as they didn’t ban me. Everyone deserves a second chance I believe. But now if you could help me than accusing me would be more appreciated. :slight_smile:

i was just joking with you George…wish i could help you but someone will i’m sure…have a good en’

OK rolling 56. No problem. :slight_smile:

George, yes you’re right. Even for 712a in Plextools and Nero, the read DVD+R DL is not ticked. But I think somebody here tested and it reads +R DL fine.