No Dialogue - Only sound effects using AnyDVD

I seem to be having problems with audio. The last few DVDs I copied to disk have only the background audio and no dialogue. It’s kind of like watching only the sound effects and sucks.

Can anyone help?

Thanks, Rick

You’ll need to give a whole lot more info than that. DVD? Region? PAL/NTSC? Are you doing any pre-processing? What programs are you using to do this? It sounds as if you’re trying to mess with the sound. I don’t know of many compression programs that mess with the sound.

Rickernet -

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You are posting AnyDVD Forum. The AnyDVD Software Program does not select the Audio Stream included in your Commercial DVD Movie backup copies. The Audio Stream selection is determined in DVD Copying Software Program you are using.

The below Forum Link should be helpful in providing information on how to identify and select the audio stream in the DVD Copying Software Program. Refer to the #6 posting comments.


Thanks for the quick responses. I have since figured out that the problem seems to be related to my playback program and not AnyDVD.

Please disregard and return to your regularly scheduled programming.