No decrease CD sales because of Napster

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The record industry poured a little more fuel on the online piracy wars Friday, blaming a steep decrease in CD singles sales in 2000 on unauthorized Internet downloads.

Shipments of singles fell…

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Do I buy less album CDs overall since using Napster? Yes - but not just because of Napster Why? Also because of the stupid prices we have to pay. I generally wait until CDs are on offer. I use Napster as my way of sampling CDs, it gives me an easier way to determine whether an album is worth the money. What about listening posts in music shops? I don’t have time to stand there all day and listen to a whole 45-75min album. Plus, some stuff grows on you over time. Napster helps me filter out the crap from the good stuff. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do I buy any single CDs? No - I used to until I realised how much money I was wasting This is one area where Napster I feel possibly does hurt the industry. I download every track from the top 40, every week. Some well in advance if they’re on the Radio 1 playlist, or on MTV. Now, this may well lead to me downloading an album, which in turn can lead to a purchase. But if it doesn’t and I just like the one track, I will not buy the single, which is overpriced and a waste of effort putting in my CD player. I would like to see groups offering albums available for purchase, track by track in MP3 or some digitally other encoded format, for like $1. I wouldn’t mind paying, and it’s got to be worth it after you remove all the packaging and production costs etc. The only problem with this idea is, you still don’t get a good way of sampling an album. In this area, Napster rules. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do I buy CDs of artists I would never have heard if it wasn’t for Napster? Yes I would say that’s one of the main things I love about Napster. It gives me so much scope to check out music from other countries that I may never get to hear over here. This is one area my spending on CDs has increased. I now find that I only spend on CDs when it’s a truly great CD. Instead of having piles of CDs lying around I only ever listened to twice, I now have slightly smaller piles that I know are superb CDs A perfect example is Matchbox 20, who I’ve been following for over a year now, even though they’ve only recently hit the UK charts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would Napster ever stop me buying CDs totally? No, the convenience and packaging factor make CDs better all round, they’re just too damn expensive. Aren’t things supposed to go down in price the longer they’re available, not up? CD’s used to cost under £10 on release. There’s no way the cost of production has gone up! It’s now considered a sale in HMV if you can buy 2 CDs for £22…what a load of crap! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What will happen if Napster is shutdown? As a technogeek I know full well what will happen, another product will rise to the top of the pile, gain noteriety and then be shutdown or supported. But then Napster doesn’t go away if you shut the company down…or didn’t you know that? The thing is, MP3 can’t be killed, anyone can make MP3s from CDs/LPs/Tapes currently in existence. So unless, they put copy protection on audio CDs then this problem will never go away. By the way, copy protection won’t solve the problem either, why? Any protection can and will be cracked, and something that big, would be so much of a challenge you would gain fame by doing it. Therefore, more people would try… -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What other benfits does Napster give? The major one for me, is access to rare/old music. Cover versions that may be impossible to buy, live tracks and soundtracks for films where the CD is no longer in print etc. This is where Napster excels. Don’t deny us and our children the right to listen to our musical heritage. MINK

I think the prices for one original CD is so fucking high!!! If they make it 40% cheaper, then they will sell so much more… I’ve also heard that only 2 dollar of a sold CD goes to the artist… And the rest goes to the record company!! And if I hear a good album on Napster, I’ll sure buy it. :8