No decoder?

Ive just had to reformat my pc for the third time this year - and up until now I havent had any problems.

Now though, whenever I try to play a dvd, media player, real player, jet audio etc tell me that there is no decoder installed.

How come its only just started happening after the last format and where do I get a decoder from? Ive googled it but cant find anything useful.

DVD drive is a Samsung SD-616F

Buy and install Cyberlink PowerDVD.

or WinDVD (Trial available), there are also free alternatives such as mplayer or vlc.

Download k-lite codec pack.You’ll find most of the codecs and decoders you need to play almost anything.

yep, sounds like you need codecs. also, the klite codec pack will offer a choice to install cyberlink dvd codec - tick it so it installs. i’ve also seen this issue with some graphics cards and dvd playing programs when the region is either mismatched or not set on the dvd drive. so, set a region if need be via the properties of the drive in device manager.