No D3D acceleration in Windows Server 2003 with ATI Radeon 9550

I’ve just updated my PC to Windows Server 2003 SP1. One major problem that I have found is that there are no drivers from ATI for Windows Server 2003. I have tried Catalyst drivers for XP and Vista both latest versions. In 2D the card works great but the D3D acceleration does not work. In Catalyst Control Center I can’t see nothing. It opens but all menus are blank. I don’t care about 3D games since I never play, but I need D3D acceleration in order to see subtitles in Media Player Classic when playing DivX movies. I will also try an NVidia card to see if it is supported. Anyone has a fix for this?
P.S. here is the log from DxDiag.

The problem is your obsolete gfx card.

My cards always worked with w2003 problem-free.
Radeon 9800 + Radeon 1600pro