No Cuntry For Old Men & DVD Shrink



DVD Shrink won’t even Analyze it. I get a Error. What other Programs can i use? I have DVD Decrypter, DVD Fab Decrypter and DVD Fab HD Decrypter 4.



Hi :slight_smile:
Have you tried the latest DVDFab beta release?


If the latest FAB beta does not do the trick, you might download the AnyDVD trial. Let AnyDVD run in the background and you should be able to backup the movie with Shrink.


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If you’re going to use Shrink and the initial test doesn’t work with AnyDVD, try ripping it to the hard drive first with the AnyDVD Ripper. Then load it into Shrink.


AnyDVD will handle it fine, either with the AnyDVD file ripper or with DVDDecryptor. Decryptor may give a BUP file error, but ignore it. Once ripped, Shrink will work with it OK, but I didn’t try ripping it with Shrink.