No crisis in music industry

I just posted the article No crisis in music industry….

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The international record industry has lately claimed that the possibility to download music from the internet was a threat to their…

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OLD NEWS!!! Napster only improved the CD Sales!!! However, the transfer error make napster suck a little bit

Damn Vinny, you’re beaten by my lovely cohost, you must feel sad, and it was such a honest competition !!

Oh DoMiN8ToR… stand by me in these hard times

We all stand behind you Vinny, you can count on us!

djees…grow up

I think this will be my first and perhaps the last posting in here…
GREAT! ZiSE, you’re a genius!
Explain that the first posting is just like the last one!

Does this mean the likes of Steps and Backstreet Boys will make more records cos some young idiot payed for the song?..Jeaz, are we sure this napstar was a good thing?..he he )

Oh well, shut down napster, and big record companies aren’t gonna be any better off. There will always be file sharing, even if napster is shut down.

Zise & Domin8tor, grow up. You are cheating vinny cause you know when it is posted.

I stand by you vinny! Believe me i do.

Best regards
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And again, you guys can’t stop making me blush

Stand by Vinny, nobody knows. They way it’s gonna be…

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Napster only improves the CD Sales? Hahahahaaa. Sure thing. I bougt 3 albums last year. Now I have fast connection and 200 full albums and more is coming. Thanks to napster. I will ever buy orginal music cds again. lol

Napster rulez
why do people pay so much for music cdz ? Are they just stupid or very rich ?