No crapware on Microsoft Store computers

I just posted the article No crapware on Microsoft Store computers.

Computers purchased from Microsoft’s retail won’t have any of the junk software you often find on new PCs.

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I amount of trial software on most store bought PCs is disgraceful and only confuses the consumer. I have seen PC’s advetizing that they have Anti-virus sostware installed when its a 30 day trial. Admitted it does say trial but in so small letters to be unreadable .

What Microsoft is doing in therestores , is to be commended and a dig at PC venders who put all sorts of unnecessary programs on PC’s

Meh. That ‘junk software’ is what helps keep the cost of new PCs down. I actually appreciate Power DVD and some of the other stuff that comes loaded on them, the rest is easily enough removed or ignored…

I don’t think I’ve ever bought a pre-built/pre-loaded that didn’t get a format and clean install of Windows within the first 24 hours.