No copyright extension for songs in UK

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According to this BBC report, the British Phonographic Industry along with the singer Cliff Richard are close to losing their fight to have the copyright period of sound recordings extended from the…

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If they want more money make some more music. Anyhow this would mean less money for the big music companies. Sure the artist gets a cut but not a big cut. I’d rather see the record companies lose millions as copyright expires than Cliff make another pound from his old dead songs and The Beatles don’t need anymore Pennies from Penny Lane. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree, the artists need to invest their money so that they can be ready once their copyrights expire. Unfortunately, here in the US, artists are protected for their entire life + 70 years after their death, unless it is a corporate copyright, in which case, it is a straight 70 years. BTW, doesn’t Micheal Jackson own the copyrights for the entire Beatles’ library? WTF does he need that money for? If he’d learn to keep his hands off of other peoples’ kids and had he’d invested it instead of spending it on a carnival in his back yard, he’d have plenty of money. :S

Copyright law is meant to encourage innovation, not allow a person/corporation to coast on the earnings of one work forever. If Cliff is worried about his income, he should get out out there and produce some NEW stuff.