No copy protection on Harry Potter DVD

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Sk33t and Alien_X used our newssubmit to tell us that the NewScientist is reporting that the latest Harry Potter DVD seems to be released without the Macrovision protection on it.


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Who needs copy protection when you can get the dvd for 10 bucks in like stores. Everyone will just buy it as it should be! $10.00 for a movie $8.00 for a cd!

Well … you can’t get for 10$ were I live. it’s more like 25/30$ … but who cares … macroshiit can be bypassed easily anyway.

Copy protection ? What for , we can make a copy anyway … :4

Can u actually make a perfect copy of a dvd onto a dvdr?

Perfect copy … sure ! And if you want to you can remove macrovision in the process. :wink:

“then a Macrovision copy protection logo must be included in the exterior packaging of those units that are copy protected.” sweet, so if you see a DVD with the logo on it, just shuffle through the pile and see if some of the same titles don’t have a logo. ha, now that’s macrovision screwing up horribly… ah who cares. even if it were copy protted we could still get past it.

HIHI, only use SmartRipper, thats it. Gräfdig

> Reaction by Kosh_Naranek on Friday 14 June 2002 Perfect copy … sure ! > And if you want to you can remove macrovision in the process Of course… but u can’t copy the animated menu that starting when u insert a dvd on any dvd reader…

Kosh_Naranek Not sure where you live, but the prices you’re claiming $25/30 show that you shop at one really bad store. Try Wal-Mart, 16.99 during this last week. It was $17.99 at Best Buy. And $15.99 at right now. I’ve seen the PS version as low as $14.99. You should never pay over $25 for a DVD. If you do, you are being ripped off. Go to to find the lowest prices on DVD’s. It’ll save you a bundle over whatever store is overcharging you $25-35 a DVD. this has worked for me for years on every BHS & every DVD so far - even DVD coming from my ATI Radeon card.