No contact with PC



I had this same problem on my computer and i remember i got helped from this website! I plugged in my DVD - Burner in my mothers PC then Neither that or the DVD - Reader worked . You can open them but the PC doesn’t read them. Last time i had this problem someone wrote a script for me then it worked perfectly or maybe i need to do something else? Appriciate som help :slight_smile: Have a nice day . (sorry for my english only 15 from sweden:P)


@ FlooR,

Why don’t you try the Windows Registry Edit Script that Forum Member TimC previously provided to you about a year ago?

Below is a Link to your previous Forum posting which provides the Windows Registry Edit Script ->



Thanks mate it was that i looked for :slight_smile: I would have taked it directly but i’m pretty noobish so i couldn’t find it :frowning: But thanks though <3