No compression!

I am only interested in a non compression software for DVD copying.
It looks as though clone2 will not do this.
I have seen some of the 10 to 20% compression DVDs and was not real happy with it. I’d rather put it on two disc’s.
I watch my movies on a 61 inch projection TV.
The minor flaws are too much for me.
If clone2 can’t do this then what would be a good software package to purchase.
I used to have xcopy and was very pleased with the results.
However when I upgraded my windows 98 to 98se. I needed to reactivate and couldn’t since 321 studios are dead.
Thanks for any help you may offer!

If compression isn’t needed with CloneDVD 2, then the transcoder is disabled and it won’t compress it. If it won’t fit on 1 DVDR, then you can split it. If you are using DVDR dual layer disks then you can just use a tool like dvddecrypter.

have seen some of the 10 to 20% compression DVDs and was not real happy with it.

What do you mean??? CloneDVD2 at 75-90% on CloneDVD2 looks just like the orignal. If your looking for the orignal quality you might try taking away the extra’s like olli says. Or buy Dual Layer DVD’s and be done with it and just use DVD Decrypter along with CopyToCD. Almost all my DVD’s with Movie-Only are either 89% or 100% on the CloneDVD2 quality bar and they look just like the orignal with zero compression.

If you’re implying that xcopy did a better job of transcoding than CloneDVD, I think you are letting your imagination play tricks on you, I’ve used both software’s and definitely prefer CloneDVD. I have a 50 " LCD TV and at 80 % compression my eyes can’t tell the difference from the original.

Either the 61 inch TV displays the flaws more, or I need to go to the optometrist and get fitted for glasses. :rolleyes:

If you don’t want compression, you must either put it on two DVD’s or spend the big bucks for dual layer, you have no other options. 8 gigs will never go into 4.7 without compression. Once in a while you will find a short movie that does not require compression, but that’s the exception to the rule.

Maybe somebody else can suggest something that is better, but it all boils down to preference. Whatever people suggest, use it only as a guide, you will be the best judge what produces the best results on your own Home Theatre system. We all have different equipment, so the results may differ from what one person thinks is the best (including me), to how it responds on your system

As you say you are not satisifed with CloneDVD on your 61" TV, I am more than satisfied on my 50". Someone that is very happy with a programs performance may have a 25" TV, take that same burned DVD and put it on yours and you may not be so happy.

All things considered try to use some of the free programs or trial version and do some testing, this way you will be the final judge of what is good for you.

Hold on folks!
I haven’t tried clone2dvd.
I have tried "one click "which is supposed to be as good or similar.
I have worked in video for 21 years and edit all day long.
I see things that the average person may not notice.
I know that any compression is not as good as no compression.
I’m not saying xcopy was better at transcoding because I don’t know!
I have always copied without compression
I am not talking about xcopy express which doesn’t allow non-compressed copying, at least to my knowledge. I’m talking about xcopy platinum.
Unless I’m way off base. there is no transcoding with non-compressed copying.
As I said in my original post,I don’t mind using two discs. at least for the time being. To me it is not much of an inconvience.

I’m glad if you cannot see any difference. I wish it were true for me.
However there is a difference. You will notice it best at transitions between scenes. I don’t even like some of the originals.

But getting back to my original question. It seems that “squinty” has given the answer I needed. If he is right then I think clone 2dvd may be my answer.
I didn’t see anywhere that explained that it would split or that it would allow non compressed copying as some software will not.
I am not interested at this time in buying a dual layer recorder.
I also do not want to get into spending alot of time, taking out elements to make it fit on one disc.

I certainly didn’t mean to get people fired up.
Please read my post carefully.
Thanks for your help!

You have to click on the little scissors icon when selecting the titles, it allows you to move a bar back and forth to tell it where to split the disk.

Also, I think a lot of people are automatically assuming people coming here and saying their program is the best, because it happens too often. :wink:

Thank you once again squinty!
There is one more thing that perhaps you could clear up for me.
That is! I have noticed different names being used,ie Clone DVD as opposed to Clone DVD2. Is there a difference? Also cloner2dvd?
Iwouldn’t want to buy the wrong one.


What you want is Clonedvd2, yes there is a difference from the other two programs you mention.

You can download a free trial or purchase from either of the two links below and you can be assured of getting the real thing and the software we are discussing on this forum.

Thanks itzbinice!
I have downloaded the trial version.
I have tried twice to copy a movie without success.
I’m certain I must be doing something wrong.
This is what I have done.

Clicked on clone dvd button and set the split locator to 56 min 40 sec approx.
Set the quality bar at 100% and continued.
It went thru the copying apparently to the temp file.
But when I put a disc in when directed to. It started and then soon gave me a message as the following.:“writing to video media was not successful. Source data to large.” Then below that it said “the writer is not capable of writing the source data as requested.” followed by the statement,“to write these DVD files please use the copy DVD titles or clone DVD option”

I probably should have selected invert files for split, but I’m confused as to when this is to be done.
Even this didn’t work the first time.
I hope I’m not being to muddy here for you to make sense out of this description of my problem/ proceedure.