No completed TRT curve with CD-DVD Speed

I set it to do a TRT of a Traxadata RITEK F1 disc because I couldn’t figure out why it barfed with my standalone.

So, start scan, see read curve, everything looks good. Towards the end, I leave the room to do something - and the test had completed…with no readback curve to be seen on the completed TRT test :eek:

So in order to see the finished TRT, looks like I’ll have to be around when the test finishes to see it before it disappears.

Pretty strange, this happening to anyone else?

wow :bigsmile: i want some of what your smoking :flower: j/k

Anyway, can you watch it disappear?

ritek F1 u say mine does lead in on all my drives then spits saying burn process failed looked in logs nothing really no power calibration error weird one though that maybe just a bug with that media in a specific drive and cd speed ?

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No, when I came back in the room the TRT had completed (showed the read speed in the box underneath the graph), but no TRT curve. Something else - no stats either - like Start speed, End speed etc.

Could be, Marcus, didn’t think of that :wink:

The drive shosen for the TRT was an NEC ND-4551A, BTW.

tried TRT on diff drive ? :slight_smile:

Might do that, see if I get a finished TRT curve. If I don’t, I’ll post a screenie so you can see what I mean :wink:

Edit: wow that’s weird, I did a TRT on the Litey, and the finished TRT curve is there, along with Start speed, Average and End speeds.

This is very strange, maybe my NEC has gremlins in it :eek:

cant be arsed trting like me ? :bigsmile: i got asked to do some copys of someones wedding dvd i couldnt be bothered scanning and trting each one just slapped em on some t02’s and burnt @ 8 in the sammy should be good burns :bigsmile:

EDIT: as i said maybe TrT bug with that media in the drive ? :stuck_out_tongue:

See edit above, TRT on the Litey showed all normal when complete, unlike the TRT done in the NEC. Go figure!

LOL, yeah I get sloppy when I burn known decent media on my LG a lot of the time :wink:


I experienced similar with some of my drives, when they were connected to my Promise controller. CD/DVD speed was slightly older 4.7.x.x, don’t remember exactly.


I’ve seen the disappearing speed curve when i was burning an image with CD-DVD Speed. It seems to me that the screensaver makes the curve vanishing.

No screensaver, mine’s set to “none”.

However, I did have a few windows open. But if that’s what caused it, then that’s still strange LOL :wink:

You aren’t alone.

I will notice that a test burn or whatever is about to be done on my desktop, and I will go over to the screen so I can save the write graph. Before I can even blink, the whole screen refreshes, and the only indication that I actually burned something is the info box at the bottom that shows the burn time, etc. The write graph disappears, and I can do nothing. It happens often enough to be fairly annoying now.

It has also happened while scanning a T02 from the laptop Sammy in the desktop Sammy. That kinda ticked me off, after I had spent about 12 minutes for an 8x burn to finish, and then waitied the ~9 minutes for the scan to complete, & I don’t like to re-do scans. doesn’t have this issue. on my laptop is fine so far. No other windows are ever open, no other programs should interrupt it, it’s just a weird occurance.

[My info window at the bottom of the screen will also show the MID twice when this happens as a warning that it will happen (before a test burn).]

Hi :slight_smile:
It’s the NEC that’s the problem.
Although when using SATA you can get this problem intermittantly. :doh:

I thought that, but see wallace0134’s post above yours :wink:

No wonder you have the same problem: :bigsmile:

Hahahaha, you talking about the ATi bits? The plot thickens…:bigsmile:

:iagree: Same chipset as yours… :doh:

Yep. Now you’ve said that, I bet someone comes along with different discs, different drive and a different chipset just to put a spanner in the works :bigsmile:

Mind you… I did a TRT on my Litey, with a different disc (RICOHJPN R03), and the finished TRT curve and stats showed up fine. It’s on the same IDE cable as the NEC :confused:

Hi :slight_smile:
I don’t have ATI bits. :disagree:
As for scanning with Sammies, their not meant to really. As the manufacturer wants them blocked. :rolleyes:
Having said that the latest version of CD/DVDSpeed is more problematic than the previous. :Z
But no-one seems interested. :sad:

I just tried to re-check to see if it would do it, and somehow my Litey’s channel (on Primary Master) got shifted to PIO Mode, without any I/O errors. :eek: As we speak, Windows is re-detecting controller & the drives…will report back with what happens.

(The theory about the ATi chipsets gave me a much needed chuckle…I immediately thought “It’s a conspiracy by ATi!”)

…now I really think it is. The found new hardware wizard just popped up & wants a driver. (All I did was uninstall the PATA controller?!) :confused:

(I wonder if my BenQ would cause the screen refresh…)

EDIT: At least this one time it still showed the TRT. But it showed the MID twice again, for some reason.
EDIT 2: And a disc scan stayed up and didn’t refresh away. Odd…