No compatible Recordable (RecordNow + NEC3540)

HI Everybody,

This is my first post, i’m sorry if it is not correct.

I have bought a Nec 3540 and when i tried to execute the RecordNow appears an error yhat says:

‘No compatible Recordable or Rewritable devices could not found on your system’

I have tried to install a thing called ‘pxengine1_08_34a’ but it does the same.

I hope someone could help me and tell me where can i find the upgrade needed for my Recordnow.

PD. Sorry for my English. I’ll try to do my best. Sorry.

PD2. If I use Nero Burning Rom It seems to work correctly.

recordnow is 2 outdate for ur nec…better use nero or ONES

ONES ??? What’s this ? Another SOftware ?