No clue why my new Lite-On is seeing blue!



Problems/Questions with/about Lite-On SHM-165HS6-04C Retail Version with factory installed HS0E flash.

I just got this DVD burner today and have some problems and questions for the experts.

  1. Recorded 14 TV-show episodes (13 seasons 1 and 1 season 2) as a data DVD, using TY-02 media and Nero 6 at 8x and disk-at-once with smartburn.
    A. The entire DVD Plays fine on the Lite-On SHM-165HS6-04C
    B. but on my Philips DVP 642 DVD 4 episodes were fine, 10 had light blue-tinted faces and one had no sound.
  2. Why were there playback problems on the Philips drive? Other data DVDs burnt on another burner play fine on it.
  3. I recorded season two 12 TV-show episodes as a data DVD using same media, speed and format as in #1 – everything is fine!
  4. Why were there NO playback problems on the Philips drive with season 2?
  5. I recorded #1 onto another DVD disk as in #1– same problems as in 1B.
  6. I recorded 2 episodes from #1 onto a 48x Imation CD-R as data as in #1 – both have light-blue skin color as in 1B.
  7. I recorded 2 episodes that turned out light blue in 1B this time as transcoded video. It came out fine with better resolution and picture quality; but took 2 hours to record.
  8. Is 2 hours normal?
  9. #1,2 & 3 took about 8 minutes each at 8x
  10. Why only 8x?
  11. How do I get it to run faster than 2hours in #7 and 8x in #9?
  12. I did not use hyper threading.
  13. Is there a better (faster) flash than HS0E?
  14. Where do I get it?

Thank you for your help. :slight_smile: VG


Your problems have nothing to do with your burner. There simply is an incompatibility between your Philips player and some of the video files you have. Transcoding removes this problem, but takes a lot of CPU time.


Thanks. :slight_smile: