No "choose recorder" window

I’m having this problem with Nero When I click “Choose recorder” in the menu, press CTRL-R or click the “choose recorder” icon on the toolbar, nothing happens. The choose recorder window just doesn’t show. Nero doesn’t lock, I can do whatever I want afterwards. I’m still able to change the recorder by using the dropbox in the toolbar, which correctly lists all recorders available. But since the window doesn’t pop up, I can’t change advanced settings for a particular recorder.

I’m having this problem with a freshly downloaded Nero on a freshly installed Windows XP system but also on other, older installations of Nero on other computers.

Fcuk, again the edit button has vanished.

I’m just wondering if this can be language-related (I installed the Dutch language pack on all computers mentioned), because I just checked it out on my work laptop, which is completely in English, and now the same is showing the choose recorder window.

Had you re-booted after the software install ?

This is often the problem as drive hooks are quite low level and often cant get the drive info without a re-boot.

I already kinda solved it. It’s language-pack related. As long as my Nero speaks Dutch, no “choose recorder” window, just the drop-down box. But the moment I set my preferences to English, it shows up again. So it’s just a bug in the language pack.