No chapters on Panasonic DMR-ES45VS

No Chapters created when making copies of VHS to DVD. Tech support was no help. They said take it to Panasonic service center. But I don’t think it is defective. Please help before I send it back.
Thanks, Richly917

This is a home burner right?
I had a Panasonic DMR-EH85S (I think) home burner, and it would automatically create “chapters” about every 5-15 minutes unless you made them manually. You could also put your own thumbnails to correspond with the chapters etc. Honestly, I never messed with it. I just let it do its auto chapters so I could hit “next” to get around the movie quicker if necessary.

On a side note, I like the computer burner much better. The Burner in the Home system went out after about 600 movies, and it was $400 just to buy the replacement burner. The hard drive on it still works, so I still use that to record my shows on TV. The drive also still reads DVD’s, just wont burn them anymore.

I’m sorry I failed to describe the recorder. It is a DVD recorder with a built in VHS tape deck. It’s connected to the TV and records directly from the TV. The problem is that it doesn’t create chapters when copying from a VHS tape. The owner manual clearly states that it will but I haven’t been able to get it to do it.
Panasonic tech support gave up after working with for an hour. It may not be such a big deal since I don’t intend to use tapes any more. But would like to make copies of the existing ones and have chapters.

But there is no chapters on a VHS tape is there :confused: DVDs have chapters but i never saw any on a VHS? I 've been wrong before so…

It doesn’t matter if it is like my Panasonic home burner.

Even if you record a TV show, mine will create “chapters” every 5-15 minutes automatically. Even if you back-up a DVD Movie by playing it through another DVD player/through a descrambler, it will create the “chapters” randomly every 5-15 minutes, and they won’t correspond to the original DVD’s chapters.

The “chapters” wont be listed in the menu of the movie, and wont have thumbnails unless you manually create them, but hitting “next” on the remote will advance you through the chapters, and the DVD player will show the “number” of the chapter briefly on the screen.(hope I haven’t confused you yet LOL)

I think there is a way to enable/disable the auto chapter feature. I will look at mine when I get a chance and let you know.

IMHO it is a useless feature except that it easier to jump through the movie faster.