No cd's being reconised in any of my drives(copied or commerical)

Hi guys, came accross thisforum, seems like a nice site for help
I ahve looked through old threads and haven’t found much
but here is my problem

Hi, following on from this topic, seems to be adifferent problem now(
Now, when I put real cd’s(non copied) into both of the drives, nothing seems to be showing up
I’m just wondering anyone got any idea’s on whats going on?
I just sloted the new dvd-rw in and set the master/slave and the drive was reconised no drivers installed or anything
both drives I’ve got are pioneer 108 dvd-rw
and lg cd-r 48x
this is starting to annoy me. I disabled virtual daemon(image drive) thinking it was that, but doesn’t seem to be
anyone got any idea’s?