No CDROM boot via Network OK?

the cd drive on my laptop is not working.
can i use the cdrom from another computer via network to reinstall windows?

is this possible at all?

i dont have the hardware to try this. if it is possible to boot via network for reinstall windows i will be buy another laptop pc instead of replacing cdrom drive.

thanks in advance.

You can only boot from a boot image via a network and thats as long as your notebook supports a boot rom (most dont) and you will need some server software to serve a boot image that has been made. It will cost alot of money to setup and it will be cheaper t do it other ways.

Best bet is to buy an external CD or DVD drive and boot via usb (assuming your notebook is new enough to boot from USB CD rom) or get a new CD/DVD drive for your notebook.

BTW, cross posting is frowned apon on this forum…

thanks qwakrz sorry bout the double post i wasnt sure if i posted in the right section which was mentioned in my other post.

thnks again.


I am not sure, if that works, but you can at least try:
Your notebook must be able to boot from network. Other than qwakrz, I think, many recent notebooks are able to do so.
Secondly, you need either a floppy drive or a bootable USB stick (your notebook must support booting from USB then).
Third, you need a Knoppix CD and another computer connected via network.

Let’s go:
Boot your notebook from a DOS floppy containing fdisk and format and format the harddisk.
Insert the Knoppix CD into the other computer and boot from that CD. There is a terminal server, which would allow a network boot from your other computer.
Then boot you notebook via network. You should then be able to copy the content of your windows CD to your HDD. This does not work with recovery discs.
Reboot your notebook from floppy, navigate to your harddisk and see, if running “winnt.exe” will start XP installation.

Have Luck,

hi mciahel thank you very much for your help & reply.

i have managed to get my cdrom working but still looking flaky. if it does fail on me again i will be sure to follow your steps.

yes, i do have an option in BIOS that allows for boot via network.

thanks again guys!