No CD-Text



I always used Nero or Roxio Creator Clasic to burn audio cds. Even when I set those softwares to have no gap between tracks (0 seconds) and burned them using disc at once there was an almost unoticeable gab between tracks. Tha CD-Text was always OK. Somebody told me to use Feurio, so I wouldn’t have that problem. I am using Feurio to burn audio cds for the first time. The first two cds that I recorded seem to have no gap between the tracks (finally). But now I have another problem. The cd-text is not working fine. All that the cds that I record using Feurio only shows “track 01” and “artist” and so on. I use Samsung DVDRW/DVD SM 348B (firmware T512) and Sony CD-RW CRX230E (firmware QYS3), ASPI 4.60, Windows XP SP2, Feurio 1.67 and generic MMC Driver. What can be wrong?


Your burners are not oficially supported by Feurio according to this list:

That’s why you have to use the generic drivers. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Try this:
Feurio CD-Writer -> “Info” button -> “Settings” -> enable “CD-Text override”
(See “Help”)