No CD Rom on 486!



I am very stupid, so kick my ass. Please help!

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In those days windows was just a small program that fit on a couple of 3.44 disks.
Their is one way you could use a direct cable connection & another pc that has a cdrom. But I don’t know any dos prog that supports it. (maybe an old pcanywhere version??)

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theclient obviously wasn’t around in those days!
3.44 disks, what next?
There are two versions of Win95 available on floppy.
The upgrade from Win 3.11 and the retail version.


hmmmm, i suggest this (have one here to 468):

Loop your drive thorugh your soundcard if its one of Creative Labs (i did it like that)

Try configuring with MSDex a bit

There should be drivers somewhere on the inet to config your drive in DOS and so in Win 3.11 (saw em a long time ago somewhere, but forgot where)

Try looking on the Ms site (last resort )