No-cd for nhl2000



does anyone have a crack for nhl 2000 where the cd is not required? i have tried gamecopyworld and mega games and the cd is still needed...any help?


yep sure, just come to us and you’'ll get it sent…

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Or you can search if you haven’t.



iso i dont understand your message. i have heard about iso, but dont have any experience with them. and yes, i tried gamecopy world, but the crack still needs the cd in the drive.


He speedy,

Try to find a crack with astalavista



check out




Speedy, has nuttin to do with ISO, just invited you to joins us on IRC. Whats IRC? get Mirc v5.7 and install it.

Then logon on any newnet server! Ex.

Once online, just type:
/join #isogods

We’re now 16peeps there daily! If ya need things alot of us could help ya…on almost anything…


hope i been clear enuff!

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