No cd drive

:confused: I have just installed The Sims 2 on WinXP SP2. The installation completed fine. When I put the CD in the drive to run the game or click the icon to play, the error “No CD-ROM” with text “Please insert correct CD, click OK and restart application” appears (can’t remember exactly sorry - not at home right now).

All other games work no problem.

I’ve tried the EA website. They have very basic help there, like clean the CD, use other CD drive, disable background tasks. None of those helped.

Are you sure the original disk 1 is in the drive not a copy?


Sims is probably THE buggiest piece of crap software ever released. There are fixes for your issue but I don;t know them off hand. Try some of the Sims game forums-

Etc, etc,

There are TONS of them.


Yup was very buggy, try patching it aswell.


I’ve tried the update from EA. It is not a copied game. I just got the University expansion and the same error comes up. I didn’t event think of a sims forum. Thanks. I’ll give them a go.

I got task manager up and noticed dllhost running. I think this is some type of problem file(virus, worm, whatever)?

I have in a way solved the problem. I did a system restore to the point of having just loaded Windows XP. Kind of crude, but it worked. Now I have to find the program that caused the problem.

That is a normal Windows service running. It’s never a bad idea to protect yourself though-