No cd detected


i’ve inserted a audio cd in my cd drive but he can’t read it when i start clooncd he can’t detect cd
i’ve already inserted the cd in my dvdrom drive and he also can’t read it does somebody knows a solution
please tell me

in my opinion, either the drives are konking off or the disc must be seriously seriously scratched. ( i presume its a normal cd and not a written one… in which case there could be other problems…)

you could also try accessing the disc using Iso Buster

the cd isn’t scrached an the drive isn’t kinking off
and i’ll couldn’t get acces whit isobuster
but there are strange rings on the cd
a small one in the middle, a big one at the end and after that another small one
the cd name is solid sounds anno 2002 volume 3
maybe this helps

my next best bet would be that its a protected disc. i dunno much. lets see what others come up with…

still doesn’t have a sollution???

There’s no real sollution since it’s not a software related problem and purely a hardware problem. Your writer cannot recognize the disc and thus the software cannot access it. This thread in the Audio forum might help you get a copy using a different method.

does there exist a possebilety to breack the copy protection
with something else like tape or something like that
or does somebody know a page where i can find firmware for my sony crx 1611
revision TYS7
please help

Found some Software patches and other fixes, however no Firmware listed Here .