No can do with "JLO - The Remixes"

Recently i bought “JLO - The Remixes” cd, and tryed to copy it.
Despite all that is said on the forums, i just can’t get the Liteon to even read it. (I have a Liteon 32123S with XS0U firmware)
What’s the problem? I read that it is able to read it, but…


What protection is used? Key2Audio, Cactus or SafeAudio?

You can try CDRWIN to read the sectors.

  1. Disable autorun, REBOOT (!) and start CDRWIN.
  2. select “extract disk, tracks, sectors”
  3. choose “read sectors”
  4. selection start: 0
    selection end: <value when rightclicking the final audiotrack>
  5. save as WAV AUDIO 2352
  6. hit start => every sector on the cd is forced to be read as audio; you’ll get one big .wav file, which can be cut or you could write a cue-sheet to split the tracks.

J-Lo is protected by Key2audio (at least here in The Netherlands). Both my LiteOn’s (ltd-163 & ltr-40125s) won’t read/recognize Key2audio cd’s…(I have never seen statements from people that LiteOn will read Key2audio… the only statements I have seen is the some LiteOn’s will read Cactus Data Shield (200), but my LiteOn’s also won’t read CDS200…) In my opinion LiteOn is very bad in reading audio-protected cd’s. Plextor rulez in these situations!


…just my sent , try iso buster 1.0 if it would give you a go…I don´t own a lite-on but used Iso buster for that prot earlier (and also for cds200)…

DO you know if a Yamaha burner is any good in copying protected audio cd’s. I got a 2100e.

I ask this because i ordered a lite-on 24x, but i do not know if i should keep the Yamaha.

(yamaha is very good with writing audio cd’s in my opinion)

the protection is key 2 audio release 3
it has an illegal data track on it that confuses
quality cdrom players…so it can’t be read.
it took me 20mins to overcome protection on this CD

Get hold of a really cheap 52x cdrom, LG or DElta
are fine for this, they don’t even see the protection!
copy to your liteon with whatever copy system you use.


get a small bit of black tape, look on the back of your
j-lo cd and find the very thin data track.
put the black tape across the data track (so it cuts across
the ring) and stick in any cdrom player you like, cos k2a protection has gone!

and I can’t believe the number of people in this forum
who try to answer questions on something they clearly
know nothing about.
LITEON CANNOT READ K2A regardless of the software u use!
I doubt plextor can either, no-one I know using a plextor
have had any success (without using black tape or felt pen)

Originally posted by sarahjh69
LITEON CANNOT READ K2A regardless of the software u use!
I doubt plextor can either, no-one I know using a plextor
have had any success (without using black tape or felt pen)

I agree, afaik LiteOn won’t read Key2audio protected cd’s, my LiteOn won’t even recognize a Key2audio protected cd… But lucky me, I have got a Plextor reader (px-40ts) and Plextor writer (px-w4220t) and they both read CDS100, CDS200, key2audio v2 (I think Shakira - Laundry service has v2… not completely sure) and key2audio v3. Afaik all Plextors read the current available audio protections!


I seem 2b a lucky cat where i’m from… since I bought J-LO 2 day & made a copy on the fly using nero & tos 1612 & plex 24x …

There seem also 2b a problem with Shakira which the copy I have is not protected … & last week I backed up Celine Dion 4 a friend of mine with no probs …

I find it stupid of the record labels if they are going 2 implement protection on their artist that they only protect disc from certain regions…