No burning option!?!?!

This is what is in my laptop MATSHITA UJDA740 DVD/CDRW but yet when i run nero i cannot burn anything. the only burning options i get is an image recorder. Does anyone know what is happening and how to fix this???

are u sure yours is cd-rw? in nero, when u want to burn, go to file menu and click burn cd . a window comes asking to select the speed of the burn and click burn .

my system properys show it as an DVD/CDRW but there is no burn option. I have tryed everything i can think of to get it to work. I cant find anything online as far as information or drivers for this drive, i am verry frustrated.

yes this happen if nero can not find your drive as you know …what version of nero are you running ?

here is one of the better nero’s that works fine and has not bugs …other verisons out right now do have bugs and they are trying to be worked out …I will never go back to nero six … and that is my opinion only …

try this nero and see if you can see it …>>

also I take it your can see it in device manager ? and also when you go to my computer ??

what other burning software or dvd software do you have on your computer ? but i doubt this is your problem … but hey always helps to know …

what operation system ? windows xp or 98 ?

finding drivers you will never find cause it is IDe device and there are not quote on quote drivers you can download for a cd rw …

if after nero it does not find your drive let me know or post it …look at signature too


on the menu bar go to recorder>choose recorder> then select your recorder from the list.

If that copy of Nero came with another recorder, it may not work with any recorders other than the one it came with. :frowning:

i did get it with another drive… but i cant get any programs to recognise this drive, its realling pissing me off. i have tryed updateing my ASPI and that didnt help eather.

my issue has been resolved, my burner is found in Nero 6. I got my nero 5.5 with another burner, thats probly why it wouldnt work.

I’m glad to hear it’s working now!

Yes, the most likely reason that Nero 5.5 didn’t detect your burner is that it came with a different burner.