No burning double layer discs in Benq 1640

Hi, I have used my Benq 1640 without a problem until I tried to burn dvd+r DL discs. I am using the Benq simulation tool and it seems to stop burning and says error writing at about the time it would be switching layers. However, I have had the simulation sucessfully burn the same files, just not very often I have the firmware that came with the burner, BSHB. Would upgrading the firmware help. I am using Memorex disks which I understand are not good but I still figure I should be able to use them and not get a coaster most of the time! Any thoughts? Much appreciated, Yasmine

Memorex DL? Just trash them. I mean, they are not worth the trouble.

Searching for an firmware update is always a good idea. :clap:

The only choice for DL media, regardless if DL- or DL+, should be Verbatim DL media.

And the simulation tool is useless. Just use imageburn when you burn your DL and youll be fine.
+1 on the Verbatim’s!

BSHB was known to fail halfway through burning on Ritek DL media. Upgrade to the latest, BSOB, and you should be able to produce a working disc.

But next time, buy Verbatim.

Hi, thanks for everyone’s replies. I will update the firmware and see if that works. And thanks for the tip about using the image burner, I will try that. And yes, I realize memorex is problematical and I will look for better media next time; however, I do not want to waste the money I have already spent so hopefully I can get the dl memorexes to work :). I will let you know the results, thanks, Yasmine

If you burn them, better try with the slowest speed possible. :wink:

Given Riteks’ massive drop in quality control you have already wasted the mony, as you will have to reburn them anyway.

Hi, the firmware updates did not work but I am contacting benq, sigh… What did you mean by reburning (they are not rewritable disks)? Will keep everyone posted and thanks again for all the advice! Cheers, yasdaz

He surely meant burning the content on another reliable media before losing it on Memorex and other media.

Oh, okay, making sure my files did not get lost in the problematic process of my struggling to successfully burn, lol! Actually, just to let everyone know, it seems I solved the problem with yours and benq’s help. I think the combination of updating firmware plus setting the drive to master did the trick. I will be more careful about my media quality in the future! I am very grateful for everyone’s imput and help, thanks, Yasmine