No boot after VeloSSD installation



I have just installed and activated the latest version of VeloSSD on a Windows 7 machine.
As a result the computer does not boot anymore. It stops at an empty system prompt on the screen.
So I started the repair routine as described on this forum – no change.
I started the routine a second time: no entries of VeloSSD in the hive present. But the system will not boot.
After disconnecting the cache SSD I get: “The Device containing VeloSSD is not available. Please connect it and start again.” So that does not work either.
Please give my instructions on how to restore my system ASAP.


sorry for the inconvenience here is the help:
Boot from your windows installation dvd.
The “Install Windows” Widows comes up.
Click next.
In the window is a button
"Repair your computer", click it.

The “System recovery options” window comes up.
Click next.

The lowest button “Command prompt”, click it.
The command prompt opens. Type the following then hit the return Key:

bootrec /fixboot

Then, type the following to open the Registry Editor:

The Registry Editor pops up.
Click: File->Load Hive

A file dialog pops up.

Navigate to directory: C:\Windows\system32\config
Select File: SYSTEM
Click: OPEN

A Dialog named “Load Hive” pops up.
type in any name you want and click OK.

The file gets loaded and appears with this name in the

Select the name.

The Click Edit->Find and enter the following int the find dialog

Click FindNext

For every search hit you delete the found entry to the left.
This will be maybe 10 times but can also be less or more.

When ready navigate back to the named entry and select it.

Click File->UnloadHive
end regedit
type: chkdsk /F

Close other open dialog and let the machine reboot.

Thats it.


Please read my message before responding.
I have already followed these instructions twice with no luck.


Hi Cazzari,
after executing
bootrec /fixboot
it is impossible, that the:
“The Device containing VeloSSD is not available…
Message comes.
You should really retry to get your system bootable.


Hi Cazzari,
has the problem been solved now ?
bootrec /fixboot
writes a new Boot Sector to the boot volume.
So the VeloSSD Boot Sector is definitely gone then.
And can not print a Message to the screen.


A warning to all - make an image backup using either Windows 7 backup program or a third party (Macrium has a free Image backup program) before using this application.

I had similar problems (documented elsewhere in this forum) and was able to recover by restoring my SDD image backup in 40 minutes.