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I am an old time DVD Platinum user. Right now, I don’t own a blue ray capable computer. Sometime down the road, possibly. My question is, if I buy the blue ray license now to take advantage of the 20% discount, can I transfer the software over when I get the blue ray capable computer? My next question is what the latest stable version of DVD Platinum sans blue ray mambo jumbo? If I have to stay with the non-blue ray version, will i still get the same upgrades as before.

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Lost in transalation.

I would wait and see if DVD Fab Blu-ray version will be worth it. As it is now I could not recommend anyone spend money on it.

That is the advantage of the new key system. You can add the blu-ray option whenever you like, and you will get full updates of the DVD to DVD or other options in the meantime.

The advantage of the new key system is that a software package can be released before it is fully ready so we can support it in the meantime?

That is an advantage for someone for sure.

DVD Fab Blu-ray and its release and the process of its release has been a dissappoinment and quite inconsitent with how DVD Fab used to be handled.

Some where in that the key system is an advantage?

The advantage is don’t buy it if you don’t want it. You have made your opinion quite clear in many threads. I get it.

A bit touchy there signals…

I answered the guys question. You stepped into my answer. If you don’t like my opinion, don’t post in a way that I have to continue to make it.

I would like to want to buy DVD Fab Blu-ray with the same enthusiasm I did and do support DVD Fab. You post as if somehow that I wish the problems with DVD Fab Blu-ray to be so. I do not and frankly do not understand what the creators of DVD Fab Blu-ray are thinking.

A great product is taking a huge hit. Sadly. Very sad about it.

Buy hey, we move on.

Hey guys, thanks for all your advices, they are all good and will consider both in my decision. This has always been a very supportive forum for everyone and lucky to be here.

Glad we did not run you off. :slight_smile: