No Blu-ray laptops from Toshiba

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After Toshiba’s withdrawal from the HD battle grounds earlier this year, many didn’t knoew what was going to happen. In an interview with Europe, a CEO at Toshiba Alan Thompson says the…

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Isn’t this like saying, “No On-Star for Ford”?

This is good news! Now consumers can use a technology that they already have, improved. Plus no overpriced BR crap in the laptop. Thank you Toshiba! :B

It’s a bit dishonest for Toshiba to now claim that enhanced upscaling of a DVD source to HD can produce similar results to a Blu-ray picture. Anyone with some technical knowledge can see this is pure bull, yet Toshiba seems to parrot this misinformation whilst conveniently forgetting how they promoted HD DVD and its superior benefits over SD-DVD. Toshiba are hypocrites. Just another mob to avoid.
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