No bitsetting on LG GSA4163B



I’m considering an LG GSA4163B DVD burner as my first foray into DVD writing. The CD Freaks review gives it the thumbs up but states;
“the drive did not offer DVD-ROM bitsetting on DVD+RW media.”
Is this an issue that will hinder me in the future as I learn more about DVD burning? What function does this factor prevent the drive from performing?


I’m also considering this LG writer & I don’t think this is a problem. It just means that any +RW media you burn a DVD to will still be recognised as a +RW not a DVD-ROM by your standalone DVD player. If your DVD player recognises +RW media then this won’t be an issue.
I only use +RW media for DVDs that aren’t DVD quality that I just want to watch once & not save.


You could burn this type of program on DVD-RW instead and it would have a higher chance of working on any given DVD player. DVD+R/RW media that is burned with DVD-ROM bitsetting has really high DVD player compatibility, but most modern DVD players work fine with any burned media so it may not matter.