No bitsetting info from CD/DVD Speed

Searched for info on this, but nothing came up, so…

Can anyone tell me why all settings and options are greyed out for my ND-3520A when I point Nero’s CD\DVD Speed at it? I’m still getting my feet under me with all this, so forgive any ignorance my part. :confused:

BTW, using the 1.25 hacked firmware.

@ jhansman
I am not sure what you are wanting to know, but I will try to answer what I think are your questions.
There is no ‘bitsetting’ option in Nero CD-DVDSpeed. There are also several tests which aren’t available to the NEC, like disc quality test. You need a disc in the drive before many of the options or functions are available.
There is the ‘disc info’ button in CD-DVDSpeed between the ‘drive selection’ and ‘start’ buttons which will tell you what disc type and booktype your disc is. A disc must be burnt before it will display a booktype change.
NEC modded 1.25 firmware has bitsetting ability

There is no ‘bitsetting’ option in Nero CD-DVDSpeed.

Yet, from the NEC Big FAQ:

[I]"Q: How do I set booktype DVD-ROM?
A: Some firmwares support AUTO bitsetting, in this case all +R +RW media will have it’s booktype set as DVD-ROM. Other firmwares allow you to manually set booktype. As a general rule, you should set all supported +R media to booktype DVD-ROM. You can do this with Binflash or the NEC WinBtype utility, newer versions of Nero CD-DVD Speed also support this feature. In each case the booktype setting is remembered in the firmware and you will only need to set this once, unless you wish to change the booktype again.

In the case of the 1300 and 2500 series of drives Booktype DVD-ROM for +RW worked by using some firmware supporting RICOH type bitsetting. This doesn’t work on the 3500 series.

35xx series update

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First set +RW to DVD-ROM then get a brand new +RW disc (not a used one, erasing and formating is useless for first setting the booktype), pop it in the drive then open any burning tool of your choice and burn the disc, it should be set at DVD-ROM.
Then get a used +RW and erase or format it and it also should be changed from +RW to DVD-ROM. [/I]

So, apparently, the stock NEC firmware will not let you set the booktype, but the hacked will? In any case, that option does exist in DC/DVD Speed. I just wondered why it appeared disabled on my system. I’ll try it with a burned DVD and see what I can see.

@ jhansmen
I don’t doubt your quote. Good job in researching your problem. I am probably wrong as I looked at my version of CD-DVDSpeed(not the latest) and it wasn’t there so I assumed…my bad.

No problem. If I get this figured out, I’ll post my solution here.