No bitsetting in 049 firmware?!?!?

Is there no bitsetting in firmware 049???:eek: :eek:
What´s the metter ???:eek: :eek:
I wonder !!!:eek: :eek:

I´f been burning an i can´t change bitset, on beta 049 a can do this perfect !!

Marco why is in firmware no bitsetting ???:confused:
What´s the problem ???:confused:

When come bitsetting ???:confused:

Changes to 048???

Tell us what´s changed !!!:bow:

Thanx for :bow: :bow: :bow:

yes right ! tell us what changed ??

i just flashed successfully to 049 and also wondering why there is no bittsettig??

Also want to know what are the differences to 048?

i hope marco will answer the questions, i wanted to contact him per mail.

he´s out of office (buisness trip) until 8th of march.



It really diesn’t support bitsetting? I thought the whole point of 049 was to support this, also didn’t they bring out a beta version specifically with this in mind? Can anyone confirm this Definatley doesnt support bitsetting?

anyone know how to solve this problem? I thought the 1004 v490 firmware was suppose to change the booktype perfectly.

This had been already discussed in the forum. You need the 049 beta for that:

Good luck

most of us know that the beta has bitsetting but the questionwas why does the final version of 049 not support bitsetting!!!??